Harness your DNA to unlock your full potential with our genetic tests

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We empower you with the latest and most specialized genetic tests, helping you unlock your physical potential to reach your personal goals.

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Knowing and understanding your individual genotype ensures that your training, nutrition and conditioning will stimulate the best response by maximizing your performance and minimizing your risks of injury.

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Specialized tests

Our genetic tests are tailored to your specific sports discipline, and will provide you with the best information to improve your specific conditioning.

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How It Works

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    Our Science

    Human DNA is composed of over 20,000 genes nearly identical from person to person. Discover how we are able to personalize your results.

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    Your Privacy

    The privacy and security of your information is the priority for our team. Learn more about our methods and commitments in terms of data protection.

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    Getting Started

    Everything you need to know about our process. From placing your order to getting your results.

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    Interactive R/D

    Research is still moving and we need you. University research and development specific to each sport, aimed at improving your performance and reducing your injuries.

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